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An estate plan will provide important guidance to your family about how you want them to make medical decisions for you and who you want to inherit your estate.  The continuation of a small or large family business can be a trying time when dealing with the passing of a loved one, much less the principal of the company.  A solid estate plan, guidance whether it is for an individual, a family or their business and its secession once the principal is gone is invaluable when navigating the aftermath of the loss. It can also remove the uncertainty that can tear families apart after the death of a loved one and provide a roapmap for what will happen moving forward.


Many people do not want to face their own demise or feel it morbid to confront the issue that will inevitably arise after one’s passing; Cacciotti Legal prides itself with their estate planning guidancefor both individuals and small businesses. .

We strive to understand your goals, both today and moving forward towards the future.  We will then explore every available option to help you meet those goals, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each one, and formulating a plan to meet your objectives and hopefully exceed your expectations.


For some people, a Will and an Advance Healthcare Directive, or a Guardianship in case of incapacity is all they would need.  Others, especially those with children, may feel a trust would better suit their needs in the case of an accident.  It would allow them to, name a guardian, a trustee to manage money until the children reach adulthood, and set forth expectations and limitation as to how the money would be invested. Small business owners need to be especially clear as to what their bylaws or company agreements state regarding the death of a member/partner. The last thing any company wants to face is a cessation of operations if the company’s assets are tied up in a probate matter.


If you have a question about Estate Planning in Texas, please do not hesitate to contact us at 817-377-9300.

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