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The legal aspects of starting, maintaining and growing a business are often quite complicated. From contract disputes to tax issues, hiring us can significantly streamline the process and keep things running smoothly.

Cacciotti Legal represents both small and large businesses in and around North and West Texas. We help companies on a variety of legal matters, including real estate law, business formation issues, asset purchases and litigation.

Much of the work we do for our business clients involves the legal matters required to start a company. We provide advice starting from the planning phase to help structure a  company. Cacciotti Legal has expertise in over 15 years’ experience or has assisting  with the creation of various business entities.  Whether you need to start a limited liability company, a corporation, a limited partnership, a limited liability partnership, a  general partnership, or find that you are trying to reorganize an existing company, we are here to help and usually for a flat fee.

Most companies find themselves in need of employment contracts, asset purchase agreements, or buy and purchase contracts, as these legal documents are necessary in almost all new or reorganized businesses. These legal documents can be difficult to understand but can have substantial and far reaching consequences. We handle negotiating and drafting agreed upon terms of contacts. We understand the prominent role that trust plays into relationships in any business. This is one reason why we offer ongoing business support to handle our clients' changing needs as their businesses grow.

To set up a meeting, please contact us at 817-377-9300.

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